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Tucson, Arizona Mineral Show

Arizona Mineral Show
The Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show with its wide array of jewelry, cut stones, fine mineral specimens is centrally located in the heart of downtown Tucson's "Golden Triangle" - one block from the Convention Center and 1/2 block from the GJX show. At The Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, gems, jewelry, minerals (both rough and fine) and mineral specimens abound at the Pueblo Tucson Show. It is the most diverse show in Tucson.
The International Fine Mineral Building has mineral exhibitors and dealers from all parts of the globe featuring minerals from Europe, Russia, Pakistan, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Its mineral specimens are different and intriguing, such as its exhibition of unique fluorescent minerals.

Tucson Shuttle Services -

The Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show coordinates with the City of Tucson shuttle service and is located at the City's shuttle hub from which other downtown Tucson mineral shows provide shuttle service making access between those shows easy and comfortable. Shuttles between the downtown shows run every 15 minutes.

Tucson Modern Streetcar -

Tucson's Pueblo Mineral Show is a station stop for the Modern Streetcar system that the City of Tucson has completed and is fully operational. The Modern Streetcar makes it all the more easy for buyers and exhibitors to access the jewelry, gems and mineral dealers at the Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show.
How do you get to this amazing Tucson mineral show, where you will be awed by its minerals and seduced by its cut stones and jewelry? These simple directions will take you to the Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show. View in Google Maps

Directions from Tucson International Airport

  • Exit the Airport on Tucson Blvd. & continue straight
  • Turn left onto Valencia Road
  • Turn right onto I-19 North
  • Exit I-19 North and merge onto I-10 West
  • Get off I-10 West at the 29th Street Exit #259
  • Continue straight ahead - northbound Frontage Road
  • Turn left at Cushing Street & take the underpass under I-10 Fwy
  • The Riverpark Inn will be directly across from the Underpass
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