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Arizona Gem Show Exhibitors

Tucson, Arizona Gem Show Exhibitors

The Pueblo Tucson Gem and Mineral Show has been in the same Tucson, Arizona location for over 35 years and has a consistently high volume of buyers for its gem, mineral and jewelry exhibitors. The exhibitors at the Pueblo's Tucson gem show are among the best artisans and producers exhibiting in Tucson. The Pueblo Gem, Jewelry and Mineral show is the top destination for the international array of buyers in Tucson.
Prominently located in downtown Tucson's Golden Triangle, the Pueblo Gem and Jewelry Show is one block from the Convention Center shows. In 2015, The Pueblo Tucson show will be a station stop for the new Modern Streetcar system that will be completed and in service for the 2015 show. This new station stop will bring additional buyers to the exhbitors of the Tucson Gem Show.
Now is the time to become an established exhibitor and select a prime location for the 2015 Tucson Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show. Join us at The Pueblo Tucson Show and take advantage of buyers who come from all over the world to buy gems, jewelry and minerals from our exhibitors. Participate as an exhibitor in our aggressive sales, marketing and advertising program and showcase your material at The Tucson Gem Show. Mindat.org holds an annual lecture and presentation at our International Fine Mineral Building. Click to view highlights of the presentation.

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show Exhibitors List

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