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Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

The Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show's downtown Tucson, Arizona, location makes it a prime destination for exhibitors and provides easy access for buyers. Located in the Golden Triangle of the three most popular and well-known shows in downtown Tucson, the Pueblo Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is the place to exhibit.
With approximately 300 exhibitors, the Pueblo Tucson Gem and Mineral Show has venues for cut stones, artisan and designer jewelry, rough, fine mineral specimens, tribal and ethnographic jewelry.
Booth pricing varies by venue and we invite you contact us for a personalized proposal for exhibiting with us. We will find the best venue for you and within a price range that fits your needs. Generally, our Tucson Gem and Mineral Show venues include The Court Pavilion and the Riverpark Room, which feature jewelry and cut stones and Australian and Mexican opals. The Rooms in A and B Building features mineral specimens, rough and cut stones and ethnographic jewelry.
The International Fine Mineral Building houses exhibitors dealing in fine mineral specimens. The Ballroom also features finished jewelry and finished mineral works. The South Pavilion houses the Steven Bookbinder crystal and amethyst exhibits, the Mineral Pavilion features long with other exhibitors of mineral based materials, Western Woods, USMAN imports, Khalid Morrocan Fossils, Madagascar Gemstone are the location for crystal, amethyst, Moroccan fossils, stone.
Our other Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show venues-the Court Tent, the Southwest Tent, the Ballroom Pavilion-are largely occupied by single-occupant exhibitors including Quartzziam Exportadora, Venturini Stones, Starborn Creations, Sugilite, Topstones and Urugauan Amethyst and Avant Mining. Marcus Budil exhibits in the Terrace Room and Annsus in the Palo Verde Room. We invite you to take a look at our different Tucson Gem and Mineral Show venues and to contact us to discuss which one would be best for you.
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