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Tucson, Arizona Gem and Mineral Show

The Pueblo Gem, Jewelry & Mineral Show with its multiple venues within an 8-acre complex continues to maintain its status as a premier location attracting an array of international exhibitors showcasing fine jewelry, cut and rough gemstones, natural minerals and fossil specimens.
Communication between exhibitors is encouraged as real life stories of success are inspirational. The Pueblo staff continually strive to deliver value to help satisfied exhibitors have a full, rich experience while achieving their goals and objectives; the on-site, hands-on management team is constantly working to ensure our show is the show your buyers most value.


Market Development - 

The Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show staff promotes the show to exhibitors and buyers by attending international trade shows.  Additionally, the staff communicates clearly and effectively throughout the year with exhibitors coupling personal service with technology. The Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show is publicized in trade magazines and promoted via the website and social media and we are constantly exploring new methods and new technologies and innovations in an effort to generate higher traffic and deliver more value to maximize the return on your investment.

Diversity of Exhibitors - 

Our management and staff work hand-in-hand with you to understand your product, your market, as well as your goals and desires before placing you in an exhibition booth at our show. We are proactive partners and strive to ensure that you are well placed for your material and price points, and that you are not next to an exhibitor with uncomplimentary material. Your success is our success!

Buyers From Around the Globe Visit the Pueblo Gem Show - 

The Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show is a comprehensive, one-stop source for high quality merchandise. You don't want to miss this opportunity to reach the buyers who gather in Tucson for this annual show -- the largest jewelry and mineral show in the world. It is estimated that the show brings over $100,000,000 in revenue transactions, incomparable to any other mineral, gem or jewelry exhibition.

International Buyers - 

The full spectrum of market categories and the artistic excellence of the vendors located within the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show attract wholesale and retail trade buyers from throughout the world -- the Americas, Europe, Asia, Europe, Australia, the former Eastern Bloc countries and Africa. Buyers and exhibitors alike appreciate the convenience and ease of access of the Pueblo Shows downtown location -- one block from the Convention Center and 1/2 block from the GJX. Whether your trade is retail or wholesale, your buyers will be at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show!
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