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Tucson, Arizona Mineral Show Buyers

Register here to have quick and easy access to the best mineral, jewelry and gem stone exhibitors in Tucson, Arizona. The Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson caterers to its buyers and is known as "Your Oasis in Downtown Tucson" because of its beautifully landscaped and inviting two-acre courtyard with patio lounge chairs and umbrella tables set on green lawns for your relaxation. There is no other venue like it in Tucson for mineral show buyers. It has the best food courts in Tucson with its own restaurant serving a well-prepared array of international and American cuisines as well as outlets with burgers, salads and Mexican food. Well-known food truck caterers such as Planet of the Crepes, Isabella's Ice Cream, Twisted Tandoor, Wicked Burgers, Nuts R Us, Mutts Goumet Hot Dogs, Bam Bam and Mexico City Kitchen added to the variety of food at Tucson's Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show. Vegetarian and Vegans will be very satisfied with the selection and comfortable that their food is not prepared on grills shared with meat products. When it comes to our show buyers, our aim is to please!
Please join us at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, and register as a buyer in advance. Complete the following registration form.

Badges must be picked up by each individual buyer with photo I.D. and a business card. Please list yourself and everyone who requires badges exactly as you want their names to appear on the badge. Please indicate if they are a buyer or a guest. 

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