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Tucson, Arizona Mineral Show Buyers

Preregister now for the 2020 Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show -- it's quick and easy as it takes only a few minutes to complete the on-line form shown below. You, your colleagues and friends can then gain immediate entry to the Pueblo Show upon arrival at the Ramada Tucson Conference Center hotel lobby. When completing the form, please list each individual attendees name exactly as it should appear on the badge and note if the attendee is a buyer or a guest.


Should you choose not to preregister, or have someone join your group after online registration has closed, badges can also be obtained upon arrival at the Pueblo Show from our staff at the registration desk in the lobby of the Riverpark Inn. Please remember that photo identification and a business card will be requested.


When you arrive at the show do take time to obtain a copy of the 2020 Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show Guide, which will be available at the registration desk and in the hotel lobby. The Show Guide provides a wealth of information -- an Exhibitor/Vendor list with type of merchandise, a map of venues with the exhibitor location, the schedule for the free lecture series as well as information regarding multiple dining options.


Shop, Explore, Dine and Relax! You will quickly realize why the Pueblo Show continues to grow while maintaining its status as one of the premier gem and mineral showcases and a top buyer destination for over 35 years. Experience the convenience and ease of access to the show as well as the added ability to easily move between the downtown Tucson shows.

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By printing badges attendee hereby releases Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show from any and all liability, claims, lawsuits, damages, losses, costs and expenses of any kind which arise out of/or result from attendees attendance at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show whether or not foreseeable, including without limitation, personal injuries at attendee or his/her invites.

I agree to terms and conditions to proceed to print my badge. I have read and I accept Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show policies.


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